Justin Trudeau a promis, dans une mosquée ultra-régressive, que son gouvernement travaillera fort à produire des «chez soi» plus inclusifs et ce fou du peuple de SOUCHE OUI nous les Québécois !!

Justin Trudeau a promis, dans une mosquée ultra-régressive, que son gouvernement travaillera fort à produire des «chez soi» plus inclusifs et une société plus gentille. Cependant, l'imam de cette mosquée (Shazim Khan) prêche que l'épouse n'a pas besoin de sortir, ni même de parler à qui que ce soit. Et qu'elle ne doit jamais refuser les avances sexuelles de son mari sans raison valable. Et qu'elle doit lui faire à manger, et faire le ménage. Et qu'un jour le Bien vaincra le Mal. Allahu Akbar.

vidéo a ecouter cliquez cette image entendre ces conneries et ca Traitrise envers son vrai peuple au lieux de ca minorités qui change des lois bien établie alors qu aucun nécessité est viable pour ces Terroistes et Radicaux Extremistes et ces freres Musulmans avec qui il fait affaires a Peterborough dans ca sectes de terrostistes !!

Vopus avez tous les vidéo des ces absurdité que Trudeau accepte battre ca femme et plus encore c est terrible ce qui veut nous soumettre et croit que nous allons tous etre leurs SOUMIS ????????????????

→Discours de Trudeau à la Mosquée al-Salaam de Peterborough:


17 janvier 2016: Pour le plus grand plaisir d'une foule reconnaissante a réuni, le Premier ministre Justin Trudeau a visité Masjid Al-Salaam Mosquée de Peterborough au cours de leur journée portes ouvertes. Sur le chemin à l' intérieur du premier ministre a pris le temps de parler avec les gens, snap selfies et signé quelques autographes. la Mosquée accueillis dans le pubis ainsi que des dignitaires des communautés voisines à une journée portes ouvertes. Peterborough MP, L'Honorable Maryam Monsef a présenté le premier ministre Trudeau qui a donné un bref discours. En Novembre 2015 , la mosquée a été victime d'un crime de haine quand un feu a été mis à l' intérieur du lieu de culte. Le soutien communautaire et bien en dehors de la communauté se sont réunis et a envoyé un message clair que ce genre de crime est pas acceptable


Police in Peterborough, Ontario, have opened up a hate crime investigation after the city's only mosque was set on fire.
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Commentaires : 

This guy needs to be deported immediately
dr who 
abu tuzayza center, you're only giving an insight of your disgusting, misogynistic, women hating hadiths
dre man 
monkeys have left the tree and started talking. donkey boy u are stupid but its compulsive viewing respect , praise to the moon god..
R. H. Hewitt 
This is not 400 BC, it is 2016. Homosexual anal sex was condemed back then because there was no science and no antibiotics. Killing gays was the only way to prevent the spread of ghonorreah. This kind of shit is still being preached in mosques in 2016, along with the beating of wives. Muslims need to go back and live in the desert.
mike bird 
Wow worse advice ever! Be jealous and your wife has to ask permission to her husband to speak
Another prime example of the religion of "peace." As Byzantine Christian emperor, Manuel II Paleologus said, "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” As we (and this includes myself, in case anyone thinks of this as "judgement") in the West have turned from our Christian roots and embraced all things secular, this faith has become increasingly militant in our countries.
Stijn Roeles 
useless. this has nothing to do with any religion.nthis man is MAD.
Zackery Silas 
What a fucking superstitious crazy crazy prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the fucking Liberal cunts want to bring more of these shit bags to Canada.
SO GROSS! It is such a disgusting piece of shit misogynistic barbarian "religion" - islam will destroy this earth unless we rise up and prepare our arms for when they try to take our freedoms and rights! Such disgusting shit- boils my fucking blood! I can just imagine the things I would love to see done to pieces of shit like this! these "men" (meek pieces of crap who are so fucking weak they have to prey (mostly in mobs) against those who are physically or politically weaker than they are (in large groups - one on one I would fucking KILL a motherfucker like this if he tried any fucking shit with ME! He would be a fucking dead "man" - such a sick fucking "religion" People are starting to realize - people are starting to gather and create alliances against these neanderthals!
sex is there to make babies and because it feels good. Religion is nonsense it seems like it is all set up for fat ugly assholes to have sex with young girls. what a shame.
Was this discourse only in front of men ???
Ayan M 
Because my dear brother/sister, a man is exposed to so many women when he leaves the home, he lowers his gaze, he see's all kind of things which are haram for hi, especially in the west, so when the one person who is halal for him also refuses to satisfy his desire, then that's oppressive to him and it's just opening the gateway to haram. A man who is satisfied won't be binded by the shackles of desires, rather he'll be content but if he's not then he'll be discontent and that leads to haram.
but why should sex me compulsotory in a marriage when the women doesn't want to? I really don't understand, I mean both parts must agree, and if the women disagree then there should be a reason behind it.
masha allah
Salamalaikum akhee, though it may be a beneficial lecture, did you have permission by sh.Shazim on posting this video? From what I know, he doesn't like anyone recording him and stuff, especially a video as well. Just saying.
I also heard some stories of the great scholars who went to bed with their women even if the scholars did not want it.... so o men, be kind to your wife! o muslims, read how the prophet pbuh was with his women, read bukhari and muslim. Umar ibn Kathab used to warn the women of the prophet pbuh and say: be kind to the prophet, be kind to the prophet(because sometimes they weren't)! wa allaho 3alm, allah knows best.
masha allah
barakAllahu Feek masha'Allah, we shouldn't rush into marriage without knowing the rights involved, may Allah reward you, ameen